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The Mages' Guild is a technocratic association with eight tiers of membership. Below are the people of Guildsman Superior status and higher that you may contact for more information on The Mages' Guild, its games, functions and activities. We've listed each individual by name, title and function, so please contact the one that is the most appropriate for your query.

  • Xi Sonenberg
    Magister Sodalitus / Guildmaster
    The Guildmaster of The Mages' Guild, handles most of the administration side of our society, and presides over the meetings and many functions. He's the one who originally organized The Guild and he’s the man that helps fund many of our activities. The Magister Sodalitus is also responsible for networking The Guild with other institutions that provide us with our perks and door prizes.

    Additionally, he runs his Zoria RPG game sessions twice a month over the Guild BBS, generally on each first and third Saturday. Please contact him for more information on his game or on the Zoria system.

  • Aaron Liebman
    Guildsman Superior
    Aaron runs the Cauldron RPG campaign, a fantasy setting using the d20-System rules at our monthly meetings. Please contact him with any questions relating to that game.
  • Eric Kienitz
    Guildsman Superior
    Eric runs his "The Path & The Way" d10-System game on alternating Fridays.
  • Cris Miles
    Guildsman Superior
    Cris runs a RIFTs (Palladium System) game on one Saturday per month. Please contact him for more information on his game.

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