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The Mages' Guild is a technocratic association with eight tiers of membership. In order to gain a higher rank within The Guild you must earn it via contributions of your time and skill. All those who enroll in The Guild begin at Acoluthus level, however members do not receive perks or benefits until they reach at least the rank of Guildsman.

To become a Guildsman, you may either pay the monthly (or annual) dues, or achieve a promotion by investing your time and skill in our functions.

You cannot simply buy a promotion beyond Guildsman though: you have to earn it! The following is a list of membership ranks and their associated descriptions. Tiers of membership are not the same as the positions held by officers in the organization. These are more akin to the degrees you can earn in The Freemasons and you can only gain a rank above Guildsman by appointment of one of a member of Guildsman Medio Grandis status, or higher. Furthermore, a guildsman can only elevate another to a status of one rank less than his own. All Guild Tiers and Offices are presented in latin, as prescribed by antiquarian legality.

  • Guild Acoluthus:
  • This is the lowest tier of membership. The Acoluthus is a non-dues-paying member who may attend the main Guild meeting and open functions, but has no official voice in the organization.

  • Guildsman Tironis:
  • This is the level you attain when you elect to pay dues (e.g. 'Novice'). You may lose this status if you go without paying dues for a length of time and are not granted a stay of title by a Guildsman of Supremus level or higher.

  • Guildsman Superior:
  • You reach this tier by consistently running a game (or performing a routine, non-business funtion) for The Guild. You must run a game session monthly, for at least six consecutive months before being awarded this status. Guildsman Superior is the minimum status required to vote for Guild Business decisions.

  • Guildsman Medio:
  • This status is given to Guildsman who have done some service to The Guild that assists with its day-to-day operations. People that act as moderators on the BBS and keep things moving are eligible for this rank. You can also attain this rank by assisting members with the publication, editing or development of written materials, as deemed worthy by Guildsman of Grandis rank or higher. A Guildsman Medio's vote is considered to be of higher value than a Guildsman Superior, and shall be used as a tiebreaker in such case as it is required.

  • Guildsman Amplius:
  • This is the lowest tier for officers of The Guild. You attain this rank by providing services in the capacity of an officer and assist with the business affairs of The Guild on a routine basis. They may request for a motive hearing on the floor during a Guild session, but may not directly make any motions. (They must refer their desire to a Guildsman of Grandis level or higher authority, but may do so in view of the members.) Guildsman of rank lower than Amplius must plea a motion to a higher-ranking official in private, and doing so on the floor during a Guild session is an offense that may cost them their rank. A Guildsman Amplius' vote is considered to be of higher value than a Guildsman Medio, and shall be used as a tiebreaker in such case as it is required.

  • Guildsman Grandis:
  • You can become a Grandis level Guildsman by donating a substantial amount of time into the everyday operations of The Guild. Operations, such as coding a completely new BBS engine may earn you this status. Grandis level Guildsman are officers and should be regarded as such at all times. They may put a motion to the floor during a Guild session. A Guildsman Grandis' vote is considered to be of higher value than a Guildsman Amplius, and shall be used as a tiebreaker in such case as it is required.

  • Guildsman Supremus:
  • The highest position available to Guildsman, reserved only for those who have spent an amount of effort above and beyond the call of duty. A Guildsman Supremus has the authority to actually make drastic changes to the Guild's structure, and has control over directing Guild activities, including the funding of Guild-sponsored projects. A Guildsman Supremus has nearly ultimate authority, except that he cannot change the fundamental nature of The Guild, such as breaking away from its Technocratic design. A Guildsman Supremus' vote is considered to be of higher value than a Guildsman Grandis, and shall not only be used as a tie-breaker in such case as it is required, but is in actuality worth the equivalent of two votes from any lesser tier member.

  • Magister Sodalitus (Guildmaster):
  • This is the founder, or leader of The Guild, and keeps his office until surrendered by his own volition. In such an instance, or in the event of his death, a new Guildmaster shall be appointed by a secret vote of the Guild Council, consisting of Grandis and Supremus level Guildsman. The Guildmaster may also abdicate and can appoint a new Guildmaster at that time, or appoint a Guildmaster-Apparent, who shall take his place upon the day of his abdication or termination. (The Guildmaster-Apparent has no special station until such a time as the Guildmaster either abdicates or perishes.) The Guildmaster is the only person capable of altering the basic, Technocratic nature of The Guild, or changing the essential nature of The Guild in operations, such as altering its level of incorporation. The main liability placed on the Guildmaster is that he must abide by the spirit of the founding purpose of The Guild and may not alter this purpose without a majority council vote. He may extend The Guild to fit other agendas, as deemed fruitful for its continued existence and expansion. The Guildmaster has the authority to rule directly on any matter when the Guild Counsel is indecisive or is stalemated and may make proclamations that affect the Guild immediately, without the need of a vote, as long as such proclamations do not vie away from the spirit of The Guild.

    Officers and Ranks:

  • Magister Sodalitus Xi Sonenberg: (Guildmaster), Arcarius, Alea Consiliator Fabulatoris Temporarium, Alea Consiliator Fabulatoris Extarius, Pilius Conscriptor Amministor (Primary Helper of Authors), Magus
  • Guildsman Amplius Aaron Liebman: Alea Conciliator Fabulatoris Deforis
  • Guildsman Amplius Glen Ahrlich: Scriba, Alea Conciliator Fabulatoris Assiduus
  • Guildsman Medio Michael Adams: Alea Consiliator Fabulatoris Extarius
  • Guildsman Michael McCormick: Alea Consiliator Fabulatoris Extarius, Colloquium Intercessor
  • Acoluthus Callie Hoskins: Colloquium Intercessor
  • Locus Vacuua (Open Positions):

  • Locus Vacuua: Alea Certaminis Conciliator
  • Locus Vacuua: Alea Conciliator Fabulatoris Assiduus
  • Locus Vacuua: Auctor
  • Locus Vacuua: Colloquium Administratoris
  • Locus Vacuua: Colloquium Intercessor
  • Locus Vacuua: Conscriptor Amministor Adjutor Secundus
  • Locus Vacuua: Conscriptor Amministor Adjutor Secundus
  • Locus Vacuua: Conscriptor Amministor Secundus
  • Locus Vacuua: Conscriptor Amministor Secundus
  • Locus Vacuua: Familiaris Vocalis Cognitionis
  • Locus Vacuua: Historia ac Memoriae Conservator
  • Locus Vacuua: Historiographus
  • Locus Vacuua: Scaccarium Consiliator
  • Locus Vacuua: Philologiae Arbitri
  • Locus Vacuua: Praeco
  • Locus Vacuua: Scaccarium Coordinatus
  • Locus Vacuua: Ludus ex Dimicatus Coordinatus
  • Terms Explained:
    All ranks and offices are titled in Latin, and to those unfamiliar with the language, here is a key to the terms:

  • Alea Certaminis Conciliator: War-Gaming & Strategy gaming Gamemaster:
  • Alea Conciliator Fabulatoris Assiduus: Dice-Game Storyteller, who runs games during monthly meetings.:
  • Alea Conciliator Fabulatoris Assiduus: Regular Dice-Game Storyteller During Open Meetings:
  • Alea Conciliator Fabulatoris Deforis: Dice-Game Storyteller, who lives or operates abroad.:
  • Alea Consiliator Fabulatoris Extarius: Dice-Game Storyteller, who operates outside of the monthly meetings.:
  • Alea Consiliator Fabulatoris Temporarium: Temporary (Fill-in) Dice-Game Storyteller:
  • Alea Consiliator Fabulatoris: Dice-Game Storyteller (General/Misc.):
  • Arcarius: Treasurer; keeper and adminstrator of Guild funds.
  • Auctor: Head of Guild Sales and Marketing.
  • Colloquium Administratoris: Administrator of BBS Forums.:
  • Colloquium Intercessor: Moderator for BBS Forums.:
  • Conscriptor Amministor Adjutor Secundus: Assistant Copy ad Contributong Editor; assistant to Pilius Conscriptor Amministor and Conscriptor Amministor Secundus.:
  • Conscriptor Amministor Secundus: Satellite/Secondary Copy and Contributing Editor for Authors:
  • Familiaris Vocalis Cognitionis: Member Coordinator; Communicates with Acolutho and Guildsmen on behalf of The Guild.
  • Historia ac Memoriae Conservator: Guild Historian.
  • Historiographus: Writer and Keeper of Guild History and Accounts of Activities.
  • Magister Sodalitus: Guildmaster; Master of Ceremonies; Leader of The Guild
  • Magister Officium: Presiding Master of Ceremonies when Magister Sodalitus is not present at the gathering of the Guild Body or Hierarchy in any official event; de facto Chair of meetings and events specifically when the Magister Sodalitus (Guildmaster) is not present, by lack or ability to attend, or decision not to attend, but not meetings intentionally held without the knowledge or approval of the Magister Sodalitus. This position is appointed by the Magister Sodalitus and may be revoked at his discretion, or given to a member for an explicit duration, or until a specific objective is fulfilled, and either way expiring immediately therafter.
  • Philologiae Arbitri: Linguist and Translator
  • Pilius Conscriptor Amministor: Principal Helper of Authors; Copy and Contributing Editor for Authors
  • Praeco: Herald; Public-Relations Handler; in charge of merketing and communication/networking with other organizations.
  • Scriba: Keeper of Records, including membership roster (Secretary)
  • Scaccarium Coordinatus Chess-games Coordinator
  • Ludus ex Dimicatus Coordinatus Coordinator for Games of risk, board-games
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