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We, The Mages' Guild are an legally incorporated, (DE) Not-For-Profit association, benefiting writers & artisys of science-fiction, fantasy, and RPG literature; including for the promotion of safe, social activities related to Role Playing Games of all shapes and sizes, for the benefit of community education and creative thinking. Whether you are a pen and paper adventurer, a war-games expert, or an old TBA master, you will find that The Guild will help you network with more people that share your interests, and will assist you in publishing your materials, or in forming interest groups for youths, veterans, and the disabled.

We also have our own BBS for on-line discussions as well as monthly meetings, gaming sessions and other special activities. Please view the Events section for more information or to view our schedule(s). During these, you can expect at least one or two active P&P games, plus a healthy plethora of social fun, and maybe some door prizes too!

If you are looking for a game that you can join, or wish to contact our leaders, please view the list of Guild contacts. For more information on our organizational structures, please view the list of Guild ranks and ratings.

Further, Guildsmen (full members) may log into our Lodge Servers, where you can create websites, and access a vast library of media of all kinds. Note tha you must both be a full member, and request access on the Lodge Servers, for an account.

So, why don't you sign up now and begin having fun right away? We'll be waiting for you!

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